Mumias residents

Chaos in Mumias as Residents Scramble for Alcohol After Lorry Accident. In a chaotic scene similar to that of a movie, residents of Mumias found themselves in a frenzy as news spread of a lorry accident involving a shipment of alcohol.

The incident occurred on the outskirts of the town, where a truck carrying a sizable load of assorted alcoholic beverages veered off the road, causing the contents to spill onto the roadside.

In a video seen online, the locals are heard burning with joy as an opportunity to celebrate for free had presented itself.

Eyewitnesses described scenes as one lackingย  order and control as word of the accident quickly spread throughout the area. Within minutes, a throng of locals descended upon the scene.

Their primary objective not to offer assistance, but rather to lay claim to the liberated alcohol.

With no authorities immediately on the scene to manage the situation, the crowd seized the opportunity, hastily collecting bottles and crates of the beverage from the Lorry.

“Leo ni sherehe bila stress, leo ni sunday maombi imeingia direct.” One man is heard is saying.

Both men and women made it to the scene to get their share of the alcohol, others just simply got themselves a bottle and drank while watching how the events unfolded.

It was a free treat that saw alcohol partakers enjoy a good Sunday. “Pombe ni ya bure leo,” another man is heard shouting in the video.

In the midst of the chaos, there were no reports of altercations or casualties.

While some may have celebrated their unexpected treat, others couldn’t help but lament the reckless behavior that had ensued in the aftermath of the accident.

The video attracted a lot of mixed reactions from netizens online with others condemning the act as insensitive and immoral.




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