The multi-million mansion in Kitale belonging to comedian Mulamwah is not very far from being completed.

The comedian took to social media to share an update of how far the mansion is, saying that it will officially be opened this year, with a lavish house warming. Mulamwah asked his fans to share suggestions of an artist who should perform at the event.

He also encouraged his fans and followers fans on the importance of moving on their own pace as long as they are making the correct moves.

“Mtu asiwahikuambia huwezi. Move slow move correctly, songa na pace yako. Ujanja ni kujiifanya fala tu. Tunafungua hiii mwaka,” the father of two said.

Jacky Vike congratulated him saying, ” Good job wefwe” and Mulamwah responded saying, “Asante wefwe karibu tunaangamiza mifugo huku sasa.”


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The house, a two-storey building boasts of 5 bedrooms and has so far cost him over Kshs4 million.

Recently, the comedian relocated from his Nairobi bedsitter, which he used to pay Kshs9,000  monthly rent, after the birth of his son with Ruth K.

“Finally God is great, kijana has moved out of the ghetto. I will miss my 9k bedsitter that welcomed me to the city. My friends from the neighborhood too, but we will always stay connected. There were a lot of ups and downs, but it helped me save cash and appreciate life better.

“Always appreciate and thank God for the little steps. Move slow, move correct. The mansion is almost done. Meanwhile, let’s see how this 3B life in Nairobi goes. Even us, let’s experience what others go through. Kalamwah is enjoying a little,” Mulamwah shared on social media.

“Nobody should rush you, move at your own pace! We are moving with even our jerry cans and clotheslines. Ladies, give your men time,” he further said.

His family is currently living in a lavish 3-bedroomed house that costs Kshs70,000 a month.

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