Tiba Asila, a digital creator, is trending online after it emerged that he had made a revelation about the deceased TikToker Brian Chira, in December 2023.

In his revelation, he said that Chira wouldn’t finish the year. After Chira, Asila said COTU boss Francis Atwoli would follow,  and then  a popular journalist although he didn’t mention who, and further said that COTU boss Francis Atwoli would follow in the line.

Brian Chira kumaliza huu mwaka ni vigumu, ataanza yeye alafu afuatie Atwoli halafu journalist mmoja maarufu,”  he said.

Just as he had predicted, Chira died on Saturday morning after being involved in a road accident. On Sunday, NTV journalist Rita Tinina was also found dead under unclear circumstances, at her home in Kileleshwa.

The events have seen a section of Kenyans get shocked about Asila’s revelations while others criticized him.

Asila has however come out to defend himself saying that he is not a witch, adding that he received visions.

“Kutabiri kifo cha mtu haimanishi wewe ni mchawi. Sasa mimi naonyeshwa na Mungu afu wengine mnakuja na matusi. Naomba mkome kuniongelea, sitaki ugomvi  na mtu hasira zangu hamzijui(Predicting someone’s death doesn’t mean you are a witch. God gives me the vision and then others are coming with insults. Stop talking about me, I don’t want to quarrel with anybody and you don’t know my anger),” he posted on Facebook.

In a separate post, he further urged Kenyans to pray for Atwoli, calling upon Rev. Lucy Natasha to help.

“Tuungane leo saa tisa usiku mpaka saa kumi na moja tumowmbee Francis Atwoli EBS. Kwa hii nitahakikisha nimezuia kimaombi kabisa. Rev Lucy Natasha tusaidiane hapa,” he wrote on Sunday night

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