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Comedian Kennedy Odhiambo alias Crazy Kennar has caused an uproar on social media after claiming that he is the most creative man alive.

The comedian has for the longest time referred to himself as the content cartel which he has proven in the long run because of the quality of comedy content he had been creating.

Breaking silence today on twitter today he wrote, “my mind is like a creative machine, I see ideas from all parts of the possible realm not imagination, I see log lines, i see the world of film and TV  in frames of 60 seconds. somebody should write a book about me. Title The Most Creative Man Alive.”

The post attracted  a lot of mixed reactions from his fans and others.

@eat-skookie commented: pride comes before a fall

@-harriestyles commented: hii sio pride zii inaitwa kujitambua

@shaqtheyungin comented: no lie detected

@mick-lemick commented: its getting to the head

@mundia-254 commented: kiburi imeanza

Kennar’s career in comedy has soared to greater heights ever since he started. He hosted a live show in Kenya in December last year at KICC which fans showed up in large numbers.

The content Cartel in his speech during the event thanked his fans saying he couldn’t believe just how much he had grown in the industry.

Reflecting on his journey, Kennar stated, “The first time I started content creation was around 2017. I never thought of how big I could grow. I never even in my wildest dreams imagined that I could leave the country to go and shoot content. All these have been possible because of the support you guys have given me.”

Kennar also revealed that he lost his son with his longtime girlfriend Natalie 4 days before the live show. His fans sympathized with him during that time and shared their condolences messages.

crazy kennar has also been recognized by various celebrities as the “goat” of the comedy industry including singer Nyashinski and EX Sauti Sol member Bien.

Despite a falling out with his former team and a brief sabbatical, Crazy Kennar’s popularity has soared over the past year. He has achieved international recognition, including a recent gig in South Africa.


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