Vera Sidika

Flamboyant socialite Vera Sidika who is currently living posh in Los Angeles, has in a series of Instagram stories shared that she is not considering , marriage anytime soon.

This is after one of her fans questioned if she was ever giving marriage a chance again.

“Never. It is a trap. I Love my freedom. I refuse to be unhappy this year. I don’t care who gotta go,” she said.

After a series of steamy videos of herself in a pool, she went ahead to put up a question tag where she asked her fans to ask her any questions.

Another fan asked her if she is genuinely happy and her response was that this is the happiest, she has ever been and she loves being single.

There was also a question on her previous marriage, with a fan wanting to know if it was easy for her to leave it.

“For me, it was over 4 months before it actually ended. I was done; emotionally, physically, ,mentally. So it was easy and the best decision ever made. I chose ,ME. And really wanted the best for my kids,” she opened up.


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Vera Sidika also revealed that she has been hanging out with a man who lives in Naija and she travels with but went ahead to follow up with that she is still single and doesn’t want any commitments right now.

The Real Housewives of Nairobi cast  topped headlines several times before separating with her husband and father to her 2 children Singer Brown Mauzo last year. They had been  together for two years  after meeting in 2020.

They have 2 children Asia Brown. a girl and a boy, Prince Ice Brown.

In the same question and answer session, a  concerned fan also asked her why she doesn’t spend time with her kids given that she goes on tours outside the country.

“I spend more time with my kids than a 9-5 working mom. I am not employed. Meaning I have 24 hours to myself every day. Who do you think I spend it with? In a month I host say 2 gigs each event 2 hours max. the rest of the 22 hours im with my kids” she explained.

She also explained why she doesn’t have a lot of female friends explaining that she was betrayed 12 years ago when her friends abandoned her and started gossiping about her when she broke up with her politician boyfriend who was giving her a high-end lifestyle.

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