Aldai Mp Marianne Kitany has come to strongly deny her involvement with the fake fertilizer scandal after her brother was mentioned as one of the individuals allegedly behind the fake product.

During an interview with K24 tv on Wednesday morning, Kitany  said she can not be prosecuted over crimes that have nothing to do with her. She also added that her brother’s involvement in the ongoing fake fertilizer scandal does not prove of her involvement as they are different individuals.

“I am 100 per cent not involved in the saga. Everybody carry their own cross. Don’t drag people’s names into issues that you know are actually your issues. My brother and I are two different people and that is what people should understand.” Kitany said.

Kitany’s brother Collins Kipchumba Ngetich of Mems Distributors  has been mentioned as one of the individuals who are allegedly behind the distribution of fake fertilizer. He is the majority share holder of Mems Distributors which is the better half in a partnership of a successful supply and distribution of subsidized fertilizer alongside Kel Chemicals during the 2023/2024 financial year.

“If my brother decided to go and sit down with the ministry of agriculture and indulge in fraudulent issues that is their problem. They answer to the charges. You don’t carry your brothers issues. We are different people.” Kitany added

This comes even as DCI officers on Tuesday intercepted and recovered 739 bags of government-subsidized fertilizer valued at Sh. 1.8 million in a store at Matisi market Kitale -Endebbes road ahead of a planned illegal shipment to Uganda.

Three people, Ali Abdi Fatah, Abdi Hussein and Bonface Ouma, were arrested in suspicion of being being involved in the fraudulent acquisition of the fertilizer from National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) depots and selling it in Uganda.

This comes after detectives got wind of the increased cases of theft of the fertilizer from government depots which is sneaked and later sold in other countries that prompted a probe into the matter.


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