Bhang plantation

In a quiet neighborhood , an unexpected disturbance shattered the peace as police officers descended upon n Bhang cultivated behind Mr. Koome Wainaina’s property, following reports of illegal farming. Amidst the ensuing chaos, authorities stumbled upon a clandestine bhang plantation hidden behind Koome’s residence.

Unfazed by the presence of law enforcement, Koome, a self-proclaimed Rastafarian, boldly asserted his intention to persist in cultivating the controversial crop. “Hapa bado tu nitapanda hiyo bhangi tena,” Koome defiantly proclaimed, as officers worked to dismantle the illicit operation.

Despite the unfolding commotion, Koome remained steadfast, even going as far as advocating for the medicinal properties of bhang, suggesting its potential efficacy in treating illnesses like the coronavirus. As neighbors watched in disbelief, the scene unfolded with a mix of tension and intrigue, ultimately leading to Koome’s arrest alongside an unidentified companion.

” Dawa ya Corona kwani ni gani? Cannabidiol(CBD) ama pia hiyo nadanganya? ama mtasema ni Rasta anaongea vitu zake?”

Throughout the confrontation, Koome’s unwavering resolve and outspoken rhetoric captured the attention of both bystanders and law enforcement alike. His firm belief in the legitimacy of his actions, coupled with his assertions regarding the medicinal benefits of Bhang, added a layer of complexity to the unfolding situation.

Meanwhile, as witnesses observed men cutting down the bhang plants and loading them onto a large white lorry, the true scale of Koome’s operation became increasingly apparent.

In the midst of the turmoil, Koome’s defiance remained unyielding as he boldly challenged the authorities and vowed to continue his activities. “No matter how they ridicule me, next time they will come to me as a friend,” he declared, his words echoing amidst the chaos.

Despite his subsequent arrest, Koome remained resolute in his belief that the project served legitimate purposes, emphasizing its role in producing threads rather than catering to illegal peddlers.

” Our project ni ya kutoa uzi, sio kuuzia peddlers, kwani CPOs hazifanyi? Hizo vitu zinafanywa buana.”

As the video footage circulated online, sparking debate and speculation, the fate of Koome and the implications of his arrest remained uncertain.  Police authorities are yet to confirm the total quantity of bhang found on Koome’s property or comment on his fate.

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