Mike Sonko the former city boss has elicited different reactions online after sharing a controversial video on his largely followed X formerly known as twitter account yesterday.

In the video that is now making rounds on social media , Sonko can be seen in what seems like a lavish hotel taking selfies and videos with lots of ladies as they sandwich him between themselves taking turns to get a photo moment with the politician.

The attention from the beautiful women  seemingly surprised the 48 year old as he took it to X to express that he was shocked that women still found him attractive.

He then proceeded to thank God for his youthful looks before narcissistically insisting that he still got his game.

”Weewe kumbe sijachapa. Mashabik hadi wamama. Asante mungu” he captioned the video.



In an instant, netizens flocked the comment section to give out their unsolicited opinion on the politician’s post.

”Bora usikubali kutumia viagra utuache tunakupenda.”

”Hujachapa lakini nguvu zingine zimeisha.Ama unaeza enda 24 hours?”

”Hakuna mumama anataka kuachwa nyuma.wote wanataka picha na mheshimiwa.” Kenyans on X commented.

The former city boss enjoys a huge following on his account where he posts  controversial statements aimed at leaders or sometimes even the government.

Sonko is also an allrounder as he occasionally posts fun memes or his hilarious reactions to trending videos in the internet.

His fun side mixed with his philanthropy work  has  easily made him a favorite among netizens.

Although the former Governor at times posts lewd statements and pictures, Kenyans seem to have given him a pass  as they rarely rough him up like do other politicians when they posts racy commentaries.

His wife , Primrose Mbuvi  who hilariously refers to as his sister seemingly has no problem with her husband posting such commentaries as they have now been married for 26 years and still going strong.



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