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Kaveve Kazoze hitmakers Spider clan have surprised many by revealing that they did not make any money from their hit song even after trending so much.

They said that contrary to what people expect, they did not reap any monetary benefits from the song.

Speaking to Jalang’o TV,  Kaveve Kazoze singers said that Mike Sonko only facilitated their flight and accommodation when they travelled to Mombasa to perform but did not keep the promises of helping them as he had earlier committed.

”Alitupeleka show Mombasa ,akatulipia flight na hatukuwai enda na flight hata kama ni mbali hivo, akatupiga luku na accomodation na kurudi sasa fare.Sasa since hapo zile promises alikuwa ametupromise ziliishia tu hapo hivo,” the group said.

They claimed that the sound producer was the only one who benefited from the numerous song’s views as he is the only one who got monetized on his end, leaving them with no money to show from their hard work and creativity.

Ngesh says that they were disappointed when Mike Sonko cut communication after Mombasa’s show and did not keep his  promises to them.

They further said that it is a challenge to convince people that they don’t have money, as the posh life people have seen online is not close to the one they are living now.

”So wenye wanasema ati tuko na doo juu ya hio ngoma, hio ngoma ilitupea fame ,jina ni kubwa lakini doo hakuna.”

Addressing the scandal between her and comedian 2mbili, Ngesh said that she could not bring herself to accept the help he was offering, since the efforts were to help her only and not the rest of her crew members.

She said that the conflict strained the relationship between her and the comedian but however highlighted that she did not hold anything towards him.

”Ni kama alikuwa anataka kunipush nikiwa solo na mimi siezi acha crew si unaona,” she said.


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