Former Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko has shocked the public after flaunting his collection of 11 operational phones during a recent interview on the Obinna Show.

The politician and businessman, did not disappoint his audience with his tech display.

When asked by the host, Obinna, why he needed so many phones, Sonko provided a very straightforward explanation.

“Normally, simu ikijaa memory huwa sideletingi so nakaa nayo,” he said, implying that when a phone’s memory fills up, he simply stops using it for new data but keeps it for other purposes.

He proudly admitted his love for Samsung phones.” Mimi napendanga sana sumsang.” He said

Sonko talked on the specific roles that each of his phones plays in his daily life. For instance, he mentioned that his iPhone holds sentimental value, containing all his throwback photos and memories from his time as a Member of Parliament.

” Hii Iko na Tbt zangu nikiwa MP.”

Another phone in his collection is used primarily as a flashlight, or “mlika mwizi,” a common term for basic phones used as torches.

Also, Sonko picked up two of his phones and shared a very intriguing detail about their use.

“Natumia hii na hii kama makarau wananitafuta,” he said, indicating that these particular phones help him avoid police tracking.

However, when asked by Obinna about how he was eventually tracked and arrested in Voi despite having a phone that he said couldn’t be traced, Sonko replied candidly,

“Kuna mtu tulikuwa naye aliwasha simu tukabambwa.” He said this to mean that someone he was with turned on his phone, leading to his capture.

The interview provided a glimpse into Sonko’s lifestyle. It also showed his resourcefulness and the lengths he goes to maintain his data through storage. Each of Sonko’s phones has a unique story it stores serving as his memories and purpose it perform adding yet another chapter to his colorful life.

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