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Mic Cheque podcasters Mariah and Mwangi alias Mwass did not show up to one of their episodes on May 5th, 2024 that featured former radio presenter Andrew Kibe.

Mariah and Mwass who had previously stated that they would never host the former presenter on their podcast a while back  did not show up for the interview once he came.

This however sparked a wide range of emotions as fans took to Twitter to address their disappointment towards the podcasters.

Kenyans overall while criticizing the move termed it as unprofessional stating that they should have been present even though they differed in opinions.

One fan stated, ”It’s unprofessional and disrespectful. Look at the biggest names in podcasting. They still talk with people whom they disagree with. It’s never personal, and that’s the beauty of it.”

Another stated, “As a man don’t ever let feelings come between you and the bag. You guys say are the new radio but discipline counts if you want to go big. You don’t fail to report to work just because you don’t like your guest. If you don’t like your guest don’t invite him altogether.”

Mwass himself seemingly unbothered tweeted back to the people, “Yes, I was not on the Andrew Kibe episode of Mic Cheque, no I do not care of your opinion on it, next?”

Andrew Kibe is a controversial Internet personality whose past pronouncements have landed him in trouble. He had been invited to feature on an episode when the two podcasters refused to appear.

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