Alexander, a former doctor in Russia, now lives in poverty in Kenya after divorcing his Russian wife and marrying a Kikuyu lady. He narrated his emotional story on Afrimax English.

Once a prosperous and wealthy children’s doctor in Russia, Alexander’s life took a dramatic turn when his marriage to his  first Russian wife ended in divorce. Seeking solace, he embarked on a journey across continents, eventually finding himself in Kenya, where he met and fell in love with a Kenyan Kikuyu lady.

He remembers how he met her at a hotel called Pirates and it was love at first sight. What really attracted him to her is that the last turned down his friend who approached her at first. They later on started out as friends.

Their love blossomed, leading to marriage and the birth of their first child. With dreams of a fresh start, Alexander and his new wife made the bold decision to relocate to Kenya, selling their possessions in Russia to finance their venture.

Arriving in Kenya with a substantial sum, they invested in a poultry and livestock business, along with acquiring a sizable plot of land to build their dream home. However, their dreams of prosperity soon turned into a nightmare as their business faced unforeseen challenges and suffered substantial losses.

“We bought 500 chickens, 20 pigs, and 20 goats. I felt secure because I had left my previous job to start this business,” Alexander claimed.

As financial ruin loomed, Alexander found himself grappling with self-blame and regret. Amidst the turmoil, the relationship with his wife soured, intensifying Alexander’s plight. Eventually, they parted ways, and Alexander discovered that his wife had absconded with their remaining assets, leaving him with nothing.

The man claims he divorced his wife but later realized that she had deceived him and sold all his belongings.

Now, Alexander toils at a construction site for survival, his once comfortable existence reduced to a daily struggle. Despite the hardships, he remains resilient, facing each day with hope amidst adversity.

Alexander shared, “My life was thriving, but I felt a void until I met my first wife. We sold all our possessions and moved to Kenya. The money we got from selling everything was so substantial that we didn’t have to worry about financial problems.”

Reflecting on their farm’s failure, Alexander said, “When I saw all the losses we were accumulating, I started to blame myself intensely.”

He now says that he does not want to ever see his wife again because she is violent. Alexander only wishes he can get to see his children as he asks for help.

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