Political Activist and advocate of the High Court of Kenya, Miguna Miguna said that he would not be able to come back to the country if Raila Odinga became the president of Kenya.

In an interview with Oga Obinna, he said that Raila Odinga was among the people who blocked him from coming to the country.

Miguna Alleged that the former prime minister worked hand in hand with former President Uhuru Kenyatta to make sure he was not allowed back into the country.

“If, by there unforeseen circumstances, Satan, wherever he resides, came back and posted him as President, I would’ve never come to Kenya.” Miguna said.

“But I knew he would never be, and I made sure he was not. I fought like crazy with others against Raila, and he is not, and I am here. They blocked me out, but I am here,” he added.

Miguna said that he knew beforehand that Raila would not be president of the country, he therefore proceeded to come back from Canada where he was deported to.

Miguna acknowledged President Ruto for obeying a court order and allowing him to land back in Kenya despite Uhuru and Raila messing up his passport documents, putting restrictions on him and making sure that he is  not allowed back in Kenya.

Miguna was deported back in 2018 after the government issued a red alert against him when Uhuru Kenyatta was still the president of Kenya.

This was as many assumed, due to an escalation of a political beef between him and Uhuru Kenyatta as he always called out his political party ‘Jubilee’ for not delivering as promised.

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