A 23-year-old Maseno University student has been arrested and taken into custody for suspicion of being involved in the robbery and rape of two first-year students.

The incident occurred on the night of April 14th in Nyawitta, after the assailant and his accomplice armed with machete and a dagger attacked the two students aged 19 and 20 who were sleeping in their shared house.

“Kicking the door open and threatening the fear-stricken girls with stabs should they make a murmur, the agents from hell forced themselves on the victims before disappearing with their smartphones.” DCI statement read in part.

Jactone Owiti Oluoch, who was apprehended on 15th of May 2024 at his residence in Chulaimbo, was found with one of the victims’ phones.

He was arrested after a diligent investigation that was conducted by the police after a report from a community policing member in Nyawitta.


It was only after the two men were gone that the victims felt safe enough to scream for help.

“After making sure that the attackers were out of vicinity, the victims screamed for help where neighbours responded by assisting them to a local hospital for medical attention. ” The statement continued to read.

This incident has sent shockwaves through the Nyawitta community and Maseno University, with calls from community members for increased security and awareness to prevent such inhumane acts in the future.

The police are continuing their investigation, as Oluoch remains in custody as the primary suspect.

They are actively searching for additional suspects connected to the crime. “We have obtained new leads on his accomplices and are actively pursuing them,” the police stated.

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