Brin chira

Reports have emerged that controversial TikToker Brian Chira is dead.

The reports, indicate that Chira died on the wee hours of Saturday at around 4.00am after being involved in a road accident.

His body is said to have been taken to city mortuary.

TikToker Baba Talisha, who has previously been closely associated with  Chira also shared the information on his TikTok account, saying that he was also yet to confirm the news personally since he is currently away from Nairobi.

According to him, a police officer from Karuri police station confirmed that Chira’s body was taken to the mortuary.

“Kuna namba ilikuwa imenipigia simu sana. It is not good news, it is very sad news. Nimepigiwa simu na watu wanne, different numbers wananiambia the same thing about Brian Chira. So Brian Chira it was like yesterday, sijui alibebwa na msee sijui aliangushwa ama aligongwa na gari ama pikipiki. So leo ndio polisi wa Karuri police station, I guess iko Banana ndio walimchukua wakampeleka Citry mortuary. Kuna polisi mwenye ako kwa hio polisi station ameconfirm walipelea mwili ya Brian Chira city mortuary.

“Sijui niseme aje, I thought it was wise if I could let you know,” he said in a TikTok video.

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