West Pokot

Police in West Pokot county have launched a man hunt for an unknown man who allegedly sneaked into a primary school and poisoned food.

Speaking to a local media house, the headteacher of Chepkoti primary school reported that the school’s food store was found disorganised on the morning of Friday June 16. The incident has left teachers and learners at the  worried and are afraid of consuming any food within the institution.

Speaking to the press, the headteacher said that they discovered something wasn’t right when they noticed that the cooking oil had turned from it’s normal yellow colour to grey. They also found some powder like particles on the surfaces and beside the oil. The powder is believed to be anti-rodent poison.

West Pokot sub-county police commander Kipkemoi Kirui confirmed the incident and said there were no signs of forced entry into the store or the headteacher’s office.

“We suspect, the man in the company of others entered the head teacher’s office and a food store adjacent to the office on Thursday night and committed the heinous act. The head teacher alleges that he securely locked the office and found it intact later,” Kipkemoi said.

No learner or teacher had eaten the poisoned food. Among poisoned food was cooking oil, maize and beans meant for the student’s lunch program. The food have been confiscated for further tests.

The suspect also allegedly made away with 6,400 shillings that was at the headteachers office, salt and beans.


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