flaqo's girlfriend

Flaqo’s girlfriend Winnie Keranta is emotional after losing her pet dog known as Lola.

The dog died while undergoing treatment, just hours after falling ill.

“Rip my Lola,” Keranta wrote on Instagram.

While sharing memories she made with her dog, Keranta said that she was very sad and will miss the pet.

“This was just yesternight before you got sick today morning , got admitted and didn’t make it back home. I am so sad, I am so sad, my little companion, my friend, I will miss your kisses my Lola,” the content creator

She also shared a conversation between her and the veterinarian where by she urged him to take care o the pet.

“Hey doc, please take good care of my puppy, don’t want to lose  her, ” she told the veterinarian who later informed her that the dog was no more.

Flaqo’s girlfriend is among the celebrities who have lost their pets in the recent days.

Two weeks ago, Michelle Ntalami announced that her pet dog pixie had died. The cause of death was however unknown but she said that the dog had helped her go through a heartbreak.

“I got him during a dark time in my life. I was going through a painful breakupand I needed to channel my lost love to something that will not take it for granted.


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