Azimio La Umoja spokesperson Makau Mutua has advocated for the abolishment of the  ministry of Public Service, Performance and Delivery Management.

In his statement on Tuesday February 13, Mutua stated that Moses Kuria’s ministry should be either scrapped or explained clearly by the president because the  holder of the office was behaving like a prime minister.

“The current occupant of the Ministry Of Service, Performance and Delivery Management , my good friend Moses Kuria seems to conflate his role with that of a prime minister. The ministry should be scrapped or its role clarified and cabined,” stated Mutua.

His statement comes after Cs Kuria and his  gender , culture, Arts and Heritage counterpart Aisha Jumwa got involved in an online exchange.

In his post on February 11 Kuria said the government would amend the copyright Act to create a government run collective Management Organization (CMO) to address challenges facing Kenyan artists. He affirmed that artists would be paid for all music, copyrights, and royalties through the e-citizen platform to deal with those people he said were profiting from where they didn’t work.

“Our artists will be individually registered. They can view online how much money is collected” he said.

In a quick response Aisha Jumwa said that she was in charge and added that she liked his enthusiasm.

She further stated that her ministry was following up on the issues and working to improve the music industry.

“I like the zeal of my Colleague and friend Moses Kuria and in the spirit of one government approach, this opinion is valid, however my ministry through the State Department Of Culture , Arts and Heritage is in charge and is working on streamlining the industry. There is an ongoing  discussion with stakeholders in the industry with the aim streamlining it. Once discussions are concluded, the ministry will pronounce itself on the next course of action,”  said Jumwa.



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