Renowned Gospel singer, Evelyn Wanjiru, bravely shared her emotional journey of longing for motherhood, recounting tearful moments every month when her period arrived.

Opening up in a video with her husband Agundabweni, hosted by DJ Mo and Size 8, Wanjiru disclosed the pain of irregular periods, often disappearing for months, and expressed her heartache at not seeing the much-desired pregnancy.

“Sometimes nilikuwa nakosa periods zinapotea hata for five months six months, siku yenye ntaipata , nalia staki kuiona . kwa sababu najiuliza nyinyi mnAkuja nini. Unajua kuna watu wakipata periods is normal for me getting those periods was not normal. I don’t want to see periods I want to see pregnancy” she narrated.

Facing a decade of childlessness in their marriage, which began in 2008 after meeting at a Nakuru church, the couple turned their struggle into a blessing for others. Despite their own challenges, they generously supported those around them who were expecting, even extending their kindness to orphanages.

After six years of marriage, Wanjiru sought medical help for hormonal imbalance, while her husband encouraged her to undergo tests and treatment. Undeterred by the setbacks, the couple embarked on a faith-driven journey, buying clothes for their future child during international travels. Their unwavering commitment to creating a room for their baby demonstrated their resilience and determination.

Finally, in April 2022, after a decade-long wait, the couple was joyously blessed with their firstborn son. The story serves as an inspiring testament to faith, perseverance, and the power of love in the face of difficulty.

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