The Kenya Universities Student Organization President Anthony Manyara has asked President William Ruto to increase his monetary donation to the students of Dedan Kimathi University of Technology.

The head of state gifted the institution with Kshs1 million shillings that the University later decided to divide  among it’s students, a move that would see each of them get Kshs180.

According  to a memo dated April 9, 2024, the students Kshs180 was settled upon after a public participation exercise that was held among them to discuss on how the money would be distributed.

This however is not enough according to  Manyara. The student’s president is now appealing to the head of state to elevate DeKUT’s gift to Kshs500. The organization claims that due to the current economic conditions, the current amount is not enough for the students to meet their needs.

“In the light of the prevailing economic conditions, KUSO humbly pleads with you, to consider augmenting the initial donation, thereby elevating the stipend from the sum of Ksh. 180 to a more justifiable amount, preferably Ksh. 527,” his statement read in part.

Manyara however lauded the president’s move saying that the gesture proved that he shares in university student’s challenges.

“Allow me, on behalf of KUSO, to express our profound gratitude for your benevolent gesture of gifting DeKUT students something for ‘cabbage’. That, among other noble actions that you have taken , continue to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you share in comrades’ challenges and aspirations,” he wrote.

Manyara on behalf of the student’s body also lauded the move by the University for including the students in their decision on how that money should be spent.

“KUSO lauds the management of DeKUT. Their adhereance to principles of inclusivity-public participation approach, ensures all students get a share regardless of their height, skin tone, weight or marital status,” he said.

The students body at the institution also turned down the offer

“The decision was made without our input and we strongly disagree with the decision, therefore we treat this as an act of undermining the students’ leadership body,” DeKUTSO Secretary General Nicholas Ngetich said in statement.



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