A young Kenyan woman has surprised many after revealing that she  sold her phone in order to raise fare for her journey to Tanzania so that she could personally inform Mbosso how deeply she loves him.

Speaking to Wasafi Media, the Kenyan girl said that she made the decision on her own.

She also admitted that many Kenyan men admire her a lot but she is not ready to settle down with any of them.

“Mimi kivyangu, nimetoa tu mwenyewe amri nije nimwambie yeye nampenda. Nakaa Kenya, kuna wanaume wengi wanataka kunioa ila mimi siko tayari,” she said.

She claimed that she already met with Mbosso but was unable to confess her feelings for him.

“Sikuwa na nafasi ya kumwambia juu alikuwa ananiambia nitakupa fare urudi nyumbani. Mimi nilimwambia napenda kuimba, beauty sa nikaona hatuelewani vizuri. Akanipandisha gari tukaenda mahali tukarudi hapa, akanipa elfu 10 akaniambia tumia hizi kesho nitakukujia twende tukate tikiti ya kurudi nyumbani ila siko tayari kurudi nyumbani bila jibu yake yeye,” she said.

She added that she left for Tanzania without her family knowing that she had gone after the bongo singer. She also said that she was willing to do anything for him.

“I love him, not as a brand, but romantically. I didn’t love yesterday or the other day. I have loved him since his days in Yamoto band. That is where I loved him. I sold one of my phones and got fare to come here,” she said.



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