The family of slain University student Rita Waeni has positively identified the human head that was recovered from  Kiambaa Dam, Kiambu on Sunday.

The family was convinced the head belonged to the deceased because of the teeth formation, hair and forehead. They also identified a blouse that had been found wrapped around the head when it was discovered.

Government pathologist Johansen Oduor will now be able to proceed with autopsy on the head to further establish how she died.

Detectives suspect that Waeni’s murder is part of an ongoing occultism in the country and are investigating to establish whether there are more deaths of the kind.

“It looks like a ritual which i think was motivated by a cult-like belief,” said an officer aware of the issue.

The dismembered body of Rita was found at Airbnb apartment on TRM Drive, Kasarani on January 14 but her head was missing. The head was later found wrapped in a purple female blouse and then put in a green carrier bag with a stone in it.

Police on Monday were allowed to hold two Nigerians in probe into the murder of Rita Waeni.  A Makadara court granted police eight days to detain the two Nigerians identified as William Ovie Opia ,pending a probe into their involvement in the murder case.

The two were tracked down by the DCI and were arrested in Ndenderu area, Kiambu county on Sunday evening moments after the head of a woman was discovered at the Kiambaa Dam in Kimuga village.

Among the items that were recovered in their house include a hatchet, butchers’ knife, a national id belonging to a Kenyan name, six mobile phones, three laptops, 10 sim cards from different telecom service providers.

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