Dorea Chege

Dorea Chege, who played the role of Maggie in popular TV series Maria, came under scathing attack when she said that she prefers dating men who earn less than her.

The actress made the remarks earlier this month during Hello Mr Right show, saying that she prefers to be in control.

“Si ati napenda dooh. Si lazima akuwe na pesa because pia mimi nikona zangu. Lakini akuwe at least. For me nataka nikuwe juu yake because I love controlling,” she said.

Dorea Chege has however been forced to take back her words, publicly, as they were a direct disrespect to her fiance DJ Dibul. Through a video, she also confirmed that she had apologized in private as well. She went ahead to narrate the circumstance under which she made the remarks

“I decided because I said it publicly, of course I already apologised off camera to my bae, but I decided I have do it public because I disrespected him in public so its only fair enough to apologise  also in public. That was so wrong of me, that was bad, it was cruel for me doing that. Sometimes you find yourself in a situation…ushaienda mahali kuna watu wengi, huwa kuna hio pressure unafeel kusema kitu all of a sudden halafu later unarealize damn what did I say because that thing you said, everyone is judging you from what you just  said and that is exactly what happened to me,” Dorea said.

She added that she has since learnt a lesson and will be thinking before speaking out. She also vowed to never repeat the mistake.

“I learnt a lesson and they say a mistake is a mistake once you repeat it. I am here to apologize to my baby publicly. I am really sorry for those words that came out of my mouth. Dorea shame on you. That was wrong, I don’t want to defend myself, I want to accept my mistake, I want to own up my mistake and I want to apologise for what happened. Baby I am really sorry, extremely sorry. Sometimes we find ourselves saying things not knowing the impact that those words have towards other people,” she explained.

“Karibu nivunje ndoa, I am really sorry baby, please accept my apology, its coming from the deepest part of my heart, I am sorry please forgive me for what I did and I promise it will never happen again. Next time when I am talking when I am saying things I need to think before I talk,” Dorea further said.


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