Despite Flaqo’s recent declaration that they are still friends, digital creators Keranta and Flaqo have unfollowed one another.

Responded to the reports that are awash on social media, Keranta simply said, “Its time.”

Also her ex, Dzaddy Amore, couldn’t keep calm.

“Sema kimeuamana,” he said.

While in Kisumu, Flaqo was spotted driving the car he had he gifted Keranta on her birthday, giving the impression that he had repossessed it.

The TikTok videos he has been making with Keranta’s look alike have also led more speculations Keranta might have been the one whop wronged him, leading to their split.

Many Kenyans remarked on how similar Keranta looked to the woman in the video, while some questioned whether or not she was the comedian’s new girlfriend.

“Keranta watching, typing and deleting.” one commented on their video.

Others even claimed that Flaqo has a type considering the similarities between the two women.

“Clearly, Flaqo has a specific type.” another user said.

Since the start of the year, there have been rumours of their breakup, but neither party has provided concrete confirmation.

Fans have been asking Flaqo questions about his relationship, but he has been avoiding them or responding to them in a way that leaves them wondering.

On his Instagram stories , the comedian put up a question tag and one follower asked him” Do you have a girlfriend?”. He left many confused after playfully responding with a video of himself  laughing  and captioning it, “God is good.”

In another video of him doing the Hozambe challenge, his fans asked him where his girlfriend was to which he responded that he turned her into a chicken.

” Keranta alienda where,” a fan asked as he playfully answered, ” Nlimgeuza kuku”

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