Former nominated MP Wilson Sossion has stood by the government against allegations that it hired goons to burn down parliament and infiltrate peaceful demonstrators during the anti-Finance Bill 2024 protests.

During an interview today with Citizen tv, Sossion stated that President Ruto responded passionately to Gen Z protests but the message was ruined by a syndicate of criminals and may have forced the police to use extra force including shooting.

“If the police didn’t act the way they acted, we would have witnessed more fatalities “he added

Sossion argued that the government cannot support goons who would destroy Parliament and would have malicious intent to set fire to one of the republic’s most important institutions.

Sossion  believed that “other interests” exploited the protests and blamed the goons for the destruction that was witnessed.

Even though some young adults protestors were shot dead outside parliament buildings, Sossion argued that police personnel showed restraint and refrained from firing at the advancing demonstrators.

According to Sossion, the police were long ago overpowered by the mob and shouldn’t be held accountable for the parliament breach.

“We cannot say it is the police that allowed it. When you have such a huge group pulling down a fence and surging into Parliament you could not expect the police to shoot at the citizens in fact the police exercise a lot of restraint and retreated,” Sossion said

During the previous three weeks of protests, there has been an intense discussion about the hiring of goons as nonviolent protestors have separated themselves from property destruction and business theft.

Politicians have been accused of hiring the goons even as a group of disgruntled youth came out to demand payment after claiming to have been hired by politicians to participate in the protests on July 2.

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