Choreographer Tileh Pacbro and his wife Martina Glez  have announce that they are getting divorced due to differences in their marriage that they could not settle.

Tileh shared a post on Instagram, he says they decided to part ways a while ago due to differences they could not resolve.

Martina also posted saying that the decision was not easy to make as it is sad for both of them to finally end their relationship.

“I will never have the right words to type this, I have looked at my phone for hours trying to find the right words, but nothing is forthcoming,” Pacbro shared.

“Me & Martina decided to go separate ways, this happened a while back due to several irreconcilable differences.”

The two admit having a good time in the years they have been together. Experiences they have never got from anywhere.

“The years we’ve spent together have been the best of my life, I have witnessed happiness and growth that I can never be able to quantify,” posted Tileh.

“We have shared many wonderful moments together, and we are grateful for the time we’ve spent with each other,” Martina on the other hand said.

However, the content creators clarified that their partnership has not ended. They clearly stated that they will continue doing business together as they take care of their little one.

“Our journey hasn’t come to an end and never will as we will always remain to be a family and for that expect to see us together still, as we are not only PARENTS but also business partners, ” he clarified.

@martinaglez_ Replying to @Shan😚 ♬ Kudonjo Kudunda – NAGI_BEATS

He explained the reasons as to why they had been silent and that whatever bloggers wrote about them is not far from the truth. He insisted that he has been all loyal to his wife to even proudly showed his ring when needed to.

Pacbro defended their decision and added that their separation is has not happened now. It happened sometimes back.

“This has been a beautiful journey, there’s more to be happy for than sad and that will remain so forever,” he concluded.

“Thank you to all of our friends and family for your support. Your love and encouragement mean the world to us during this time.” Martina shared.

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