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Kenyan Tiktoker Faustine Lipuku  popularly known as Baba Talisha has revealed that he is fearing for his daughter’s safety as her teacher is receiving anonymous online threats and coercion in order to reveal information about his daughter.

In an interview at Obinna Live, Baba Talisha said that he is troubled because it has come to his attention that unknown people are trying to source out information about his daughter from her school. He said that they had even gone ahead and offered to pay money for the teacher to let out information stressing that he did not like it as it was out of line.

“I am not at peace. If they can look for mwalimu wa Talisha kuulizia details about my daughter, it’s getting out of hand.They are even offering the teacher Ksh 100K to offer some information.”

During the interview, he said that the people behind the threats to the teacher were using pseudo accounts on instagram.


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This comes barely a week after the tiktoker was involved in an online battle with Brian Chira’s grandmother over the money that was contributed for the funeral of the late Brian Chira.

Chira’s grandmother on a live TikTok video with Obidan Dela accused Baba Talisha of bothering her with calls and misappropriating funds that were raised for the funeral alongside his rumored wife Brenda Wanjiku.

During the live, Chira’s grandma claimed that she only came to know about the fundraiser on TikTok when it hit Kshs3 million claiming that Baba Talisha and his counterpart were in control of everything and never included any of their family members.

“Kama sahi wamepiga simu kama 10. Mimi sichukui. Asubuhi alinitusi kusema ati pesa ni ya public na anajua pesa ilichangwa ya nini. Aliniambia anaweza freeze zote ati anaezatoa. Mumwambie nikipata hakuna pesa kwa bank account, uwaambie watatoa juu ni hao wanajua pin zangu zote za M-Pesa na bank,” the elderly woman claimed.

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