In a recent interview, Reality TV star and socialite Vera Sidika opened up on her her body image and dating Nigerian men.

The mother of two, while attending an event  hosted by Showmax pointed out how she was bullied in school for having big booty  forcing  her to put on baggy clothes to hide her body.

However she admitted that all that changed upon moving to Nairobi where the city embraced her physique thus she began appreciating her own body.

“I used to be bullied a lot in school ,I just wanted to be skinny so I could cover up ,”Sidika said

She continued to explain how the city changed how she perceived herself .

“Everyone was like ‘Have you seen that booty?’ That’s when I realized i had a nice body. People made me realize I could use what I have to get what I want off which it’s not a  bad thing,”she added.

Although many are still conflicted on the fact that she implies she never did a butt lift surgery to enhance her buttocks the socialite has over the years denied having performed any.

In an interview with a local radio station back in 2022 the socialite insisted her butt and hips are real.

“My hips and butt are real, but I got my boobs done, my teeth too .It cost me $60,000 (Ksh  7.3 million ),”Vera said.

Vera Sidika also revealed that the first thing to win a Nigerian man is to have a nice booty not big but just a nice behind .

Stating that she is currently seeing a Nigerian man and she has  moved on from her ex husband brown mauzo with whom they have two kids with ..

“First of all ,you need to have nyash (buttocks),it is not really about a big nyash but you need to have something,”Vera said .

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