Kenyan music is dynamic, with arbantone being the most recent genre.

Though mixed reactions have been raised concerning the fast growing genre, with hit songs like kudadade taking over the music airwaves, seems like the music has a long way to  be accepted by some few individuals.

Many cricitizing the arbantone genre for stealing beats.Veteran journalist Joe Muchiri even got into a tussle with various remarks to the producers producing the genre.

“As a producer, you should not deceive a clueless but talented young musician by using other people’s beats without permission. Are you prepared for the repercussions when you blow up and make money enough to get the attention of the beat owners?” Muchiri wrote on Facebook.

Recently Kenyan’s content creater and comedian Oga Obinna has also  revealed that he doesn’t allow his kids to do certain things in his household one of them being listening or watching gengetone and Arbantone music.

“My kids, in my house there are rules without rules there is indiscipline there are rules everywhere my kids don’t watch certain things they know for example gengetone music don’t play in my house even arbantone ,” he said .

Defending his  decisions by stating that he listens to the genre and he can even create it .

Those revelations seems to have put him in the spot light many demanding that he should not be sitting over the fence rather take his stand in what he believes many calling him out for having double standards.

Although many have supported him and given him an applause for being a good dad and mentor to his kids others can’t seem to understand why he made such remarks .

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