In a recent interview, Eric Omondi declared that his initiative, Sisi kwa sisi, cannot work with the government.

He said that the allegations by politicians that he should go ahead and work with the government instead of correcting them is not possible.

“I cannot work with the government!” he replied, adding that this is beyond him and that he is together with Kenyans. “Sisi kwa Sisi is an emergency initiative.”

” Whatever I’m doing is what the government has not been able to do, we’re always on ground before the government, we always rescue children who need kidney, we are always helping Kenyans instantly. Nikiwa KICC niskie rais anakuja ntatoka mbio,nikiskia deputy ako hapo ntatoka ,hata Jaguar.Sahi Jaguar akiingia hapa i’ll go to the other direction,” Eric added.

Eric claims that he doesn’t want to associate with them because he doesn’t want to be infected. He also went ahead and said that God has washed him by the blood and he has been cleaned.

“I cannot be in the same atmosphere, leave alone working, even being in the same event together I cannot be with them,” the comedian now turned humanitarian said.

After 16 years of entertaining people, comedian Eric Omondi announced that he was giving up comedy to advocate for the rights of regular people.

On January 16, Eric Omondi officially started a fundraising to build a footbridge through his brainchild, Sisi kwa Sisi initiative and construction works commenced almost immediately.

“The Community has so far tried to reinforce the bridge but it’s not good enough,” he said.

The father of two has been organizing fundraisers to support a variety of charitable causes, including establishing bridges across communities and helping those facing medical costs, substandard housing, and deceased people who have overstayed in mortuaries.

His Sisi kwa Sisi campaign has benefited a large number of Kenyans, and many have praised him for his efforts—especially those who think the program comes from the heart.





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