Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi’s girlfriend Lynne has opened up on her relationship with the comedian just days after the couple revealed they were expecting a child.

Speaking to YouTuber Vincent Mboya, Lynne revealed that she met Eric in 2020. They kept in touch for sometime before they started dating.

Mboya however wondered if Eric Omondi has time for Lynne because he is so much focused on activism and fighting for Kenyans in the recent days.

“Have you ever seen me complaining?Eric lazima ahustle, lazima awapiganie, ni goals zake, ni dreams zake at the same time he needs a supportive person that’s where I come in. He is always there for me. Vile unasema unaspend na yeye 90% of his time. Mimi naspend 99%, how did I get here(pregnant)? He has time for me,” she responded.

She further said that Eric should not stop fighting for Kenyans just because he is going to be a father

“I think he should continue, he is not supposed to relax because he is not doing a bad thing. Having a family and kids should not stop you from building what you have wanted to build or from your goals, actually should be motivated more, because your family and children are looking up to you so you are not supposed to relax, I don’t expect him to relax,” she said.

At the same time, Lynne also addressed rumours of Eric Omondi vying for a political seat in 2027.

“Eric has not said that. If he wants to vie, he will tell you, if he wants to vie in Lang’ata he will say, if he hasn’t said it’s not true,” she said.




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