Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi and his girlfriend Lynne, are looking forward to doing a big gender reveal  for their unborn child.

Lynne said that she doesn’t intend to steal gender reveal ideas and cause problems like what was witnessed between Vera Sidika and Amber Ray in March this year.

“Gender reveal yetu hatucopiani, we will be very unique, and it will be a gender reveal you have never seen. It will be a big gender reveal because there will be something, we will be stamping,” she said in an interview with YouTuber Vincent Mboya.

She is however yet to know the gender of the baby she is carrying. Lynne has also not picked a name for her bundle of joy.

“Gender sijajua bado, I will start looking for names when I find out the gender,” she said.

At the same time, she said that she did not opt to reveal pregnancy like other content creators but she might be sharing her journey with her fans and followers on her social media pages.

She was also asked about how she will handle a situation of another woman claiming to have Eric Omondi’s child in future

“I don’t think am the one supposed to be handling that. Eric should be the one handling that, while I will be handling my babies,” she responded.

Lynne further said that she wants her baby to have everything, noting that they will be the best parent. She went ahead to share a heartfelt message for Eric Omondi.

“Babe thank you for making me a mum. I love you so much,” she said.



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