In a sermon, Pastor James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Centre delivered a sharp critique to the current leadership while praising the virtues of former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The pastor addressed his congregation  about  the current leadership, how he puts it ‘wakubwa’ to mean the today’s leadership.

“Leo hii wakubwa mumeskia hii si kanisa na mumekuwepo hii kanisa ikiwapi sasa Leo mnavote ‘NO!'” Pastor Ng’ang’a proclaimed, expressing his frustration with the country’s leadership.

His words, suggesting disagreement between him and the government with many in attendance.

The pastor didn’t stop there. He went on to praise former President Uhuru Kenyatta, drawing a comparison between him and the current leadership. Despite Uhuru Kenyatta’s critics labeling him a drunkard, Ng’ang’a argued that he was far much better and a superior leader a hundred times better.

“I thank God for Uhuru hata kama ulisema ni mlevi heri Uhuru mara mia Moja,” he stated.

In a dramatic turn, the pastor claimed he could have enacted divine retribution if given the power.

“Mungu akinipatia dakika tano ningefungulia maji iwabebe nyinyi wote,” he declared, suggesting that if God granted him just five minutes, he would unleash a flood to cleanse the nation.

Also, he took a moment to reflect on his long experience as a preacher, having served through multiple presidential administrations. Ranging from Moi’s time, the second president of Kenya till now.

“Hawa watu wakubwa wamenipata kwa platform nilianza na Moi, nikahubiri na Kibaki,” he revealed.

The pastor’s comments have lead to a range of reactions from the public.While some view his statements as a bold critique of current governance, others see them as controversial and divisive.

“I love pastor Ng’ang’a..He is trully man of God..”

“I respect you sir.. You have delivered many..You are a general in the kingdom of God..let the government respect your position in the society,” Hon Wanyama commented.

Regardless, Pastor Ng’ang’a’s sermon has undeniably stirred the conversation about Kenya’s leadership.


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