Citizen TV has revealed that Olive Burrows is set to make a debut at the station from June 1.

Burrows joined the Royal Media Services owned TV to replace Victoria Rubadiri who left for CNN in April

The new recruit will host the Saturday and Sunday prime news bulletin. On Sunday, she will be hosting with seasoned journalist Jeff Koinange.

Olive is excited to begin her new  journey stating this on an interview with citizen digital.

“I am incredibly honoured to have joined the team. They have received me with open arms. And as iron sharpens iron, I look forward to a season of growth,” she told Citizen Digital.

“As a journalist, I’m keen to promote good governance and accountability with my news reports and on Citizen Weekend you can expect to get the Kenyan perspective on global events. And if there’s anything the Covid pandemic taught us, it’s that we are never far removed from places we once thought were far removed from our part of the world.”

Olive Burrows has been an exemplary journalist since she began her career .

She started her career as a freelance magazine writer during her studies at Daystar University before joining capital Fm news desk as their reporter. From there she rose through the ranks to an associate manager.

She then joined NTV in 2018 where she hosted prime time news and the AM live show.

“I love you guys. It has been an absolute privilege working here at the Nation Media Group for the last six years ,”She said on her final speech at NTV. They took a chance on me, and it has paid off, not just careerwise but also the friendships, and we remain comrades in arms because this craft we are in together for the greater good of Kenyans,” Burrows said.

Netizens are looking forward for her debut.

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