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Pastor T Mwangi took to Facebook to react on Pastor Kanyari, who has been trending for all the wrong reasons in the past few weeks.

Pastor T said that it was enough and what Kanyari was doing was contrary to Christianity.

“The so called man of God on TikTok has to be stopped. What he does has nothing to do with Christianity, its pure evil,” he said.

Also in an interview with a local radio presenter Ankali Ray,  Pastor T said that Kanyari is a content creator and people shouldn’t call him a pastor because he  simply hasn’t met any demands  required as a religious leader.

“Huyu kwanza huyo si pastor huyo  ni content creator ukianglia maadili ya pastor na  kile ambacho pastors wanafaa kufanyaa kila ofisi iko na specifications na demands na hakuna demand ame meet ,” he said, adding that some churches are just businesses not altars of God .

Pastor T also said that the government may not be able to control churches  such as Kanyari’s, because Kenya is a secular state, meaning there is freedom of speech and worship thus the government may not depict for it’s citizens which altar to join or which ones they shouldn’t join .

Pastor T advised that instead of relying on the government to take measures, it’s the responsibility of religious entities to call out the rogue pastor because he is clearly not basing  his ministry on the bible’s teachings .

“Sasa ni kumaanisha sisi kama makanisa kusema so and so is not one of us na kile anafanya he is not part of us, he explained.

However with all the backlash Kanyari has faced, netizens are shocked with the number of people turning to his church services. It’s evident that religious blackmail is real and many as still falling victims of it.

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