There is high anticipation as popular figures KRG the Don and Andrew Kibe prepare to settle their long standing beef in a boxing match.

The two celebrities went live on a phone call exchanging heated words and throwing verbal jabs ahead of their three round fight where the winner will walk away with Ksh. 1 million.

The conversation started with Andrew Kibe addressing the rumours and questions from fans about his confidence.

“Nimeulizwa maswali mengi sana watu wanasema nikaa unaogopa mbona unakaa nikaa unaogopa?” he asked, implying that KRG might be afraid to face him.

Kibe challenged KRG to admit his fear and send him the Ksh. 1 million prize money in advance since the winner will take both the money and the honor. “Heshima idumu mewenye atapigwa anyamaze.” Kibe said.

KRG the Don was quick to respond.”Do you spit fire?” he asked. “That day you will know that I am a dangerous human being. You don’t know that.”

He assured Kibe and the audience that on the day of the match, they will know that there is one man in Kenya who is fearless.

Kibe, known for his sharp tongue, continued to provoke KRG, questioning his hesitation.

“Mbona unakaa uko hesitant? You are not working very fast the way I thought you would,” he mocked, further asking if KRG had the Ksh. 1 million ready or if he needed to organize a fundraising to fund the money.

KRG  on the other hand, remained confident in himself “I am sure I will beat you, that’s why I am reluctant,” he said, showing no signs of backing down from the challenge.

The three round match, with each round lasting three minutes promises to be an interesting fight between the two personalities.

Fans from all over Kenya are eagerly waiting to see who will emerge victorious and claim the prize.

The live phone call has only intensified the excitement and anticipation surrounding the fight.




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