Comedian Njugush wife Celestine Ndinda, who is popularly known as Wakavinye, was nearly conned recently.

According to her the con artist called her pretending to be a teacher of her child who is in Junior Secondary School.

The con artist claimed that Wakavinye’s child had been involved in an accident. The con added that the child been rushed to hospital and that money was required for her to undergo an operation.

“Wacheni niwaambie, I was about to be conned (na mimi ni mzaliwa wa Nairobi). Someone calls me and pretends to be my JSS student teacher ati wamekimbiza mtoto hosi she had an accident and she is loosing a lot of blood. Wanataka doh wamfanyie operation. Weeuh sema mshtuko. I was about to send money as iI rush to the hospital  only for Kimani to ask me nipigie matron ama director wao niskie,” she narrated on her Insta stories.

To her surprise, the matron informed her that the child was in class studying.

“Kidogo nilie. My pooint is hawa wakora washindwe. Hadi saa hii bado natetemeka aki,” the mother of two said.

She went ahead to expose the contact details of the con artist, urging her followers to call the number and stress him/her. She also said that she had reported the matter.

Some of her fans went on to share their encounters with such tricksters.

“Washainicall twice, mara ya kwanza nilishtuka, my mum alikuwa church tulikuwa home na dad, uzuri shule ya my bro ilikuwa 5 minutes walk. Mimi huyoo mbio hadi kwa shule  hata sikuwa napumua nikishtuka my bro ako hosi. Mimi na my dad hatukuwa tunapumua ya pili ilikuwa last week, same information, sorry wa Tugi,” the fan shared.

Others were however left confused wondering how Wakavinye had a daughter yet her children are known to be boys.

“Umesema ‘she’ ukatuchanganya,” the fan said.

“Oh yes kwani mmesahau juzi nikicover vitabu, we have other students with Kimani,” she made it clear.

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