Fresh claims have emerged that Grace Ekirapa considered relocating  abroad with her daughter, but her estranged husband Pacal Tokodi was unaware.

According to a source who spoke to Nairobi News, Pascal only found out about her intentions later, leaving him shattered.

“At some point, Grace was contemplating moving abroad with the baby, a revelation that Pascal only discovered later. His heart was shattered upon realisation. Their journey has taken them down divergent paths, but the intricacies of their personal lives remain known only to them,” the source said.

The source further maintained that Pascal and Grace were yet to reconcile, adding that their recent online activities are only aimed at respecting the contracts they had with brands they were marketing.


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“No, Grace and Pascal aren’t back together. To the best of my knowledge, they have not reconciled, however, they have been attempting to paint such a picture on their respective socials and I understand where this is coming from. As a couple they had endorsement deals and contracts have to be respected so they have to do what they have to do,” the source told Nairobi News.

“They used to share a lot of happy moments together as a couple but what you see now is posts about them with the brands. Have you seen any post recently of them kissing, hugging or serving couple goals as they used to?” the informant further revealed.

Grace and Pascal reportedly stopped living together in November 2023. Pascal returned to Karen where he had been living before while the former Crossover 101 presenter remained at their Limuru home.

Apparently, the couple’s differences emerged due to financial constraints and that Grace had an issue with Pascal’s friends.




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