Controversial Kibera influencer Manzi wa Kibera has yet again become the center of attention a few days after hinting on getting back with her old bae.

Over the weekend Manzi wa kibera posted a  video of her and her 66year old boyfriend now husband having a good time and this raised questions on the state of their relationship.

Later on she shared a picture of herself and bae in what seems like a wedding.


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Her fans then shared mixed reactions about events surrounding her wedding.

”No invites?….” a fan wondered on Manzi Wa Kibera’s wedding following the fact that she only took a picture of her,the husband and the person officiating their wedding.

Manzi Wa Kibera then received trolls from the texture of her wedding gown to potential curses.

”Gown inakaa second hand….”

”’😂😂😂😂😂Hii laana itakuramba hadi masikio😂😂😂”

”Guks Na Mboga Yake 👏”

Some fans were also elated with fact that her stunts had in some way come to an end.

”Industry ilikukataa ata ukifanya kiki 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 unajisumbua tu😂😂”

Clout chasing tulimzoea”



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Despite all the trolls a section of her followers were glad that she was happy.

Manzi wa Kibera has however had her fans confused following inconsistencies  in her statements about the state of her relationship.

“Mi naona ni kama nitaachana na mzae.  Juu sasa hizi trolls zimekuwa mob, matusi imekuwa mob like the bad energy towards me na mzae  kila mtu anaoppose hii mapenzi mpaka. Nikienda kusoma comments ni matusi left right and center mpaka watu wenye nawajua….Honestly nafeel hii mapenzi yangu na mzae nataka kupull out kwa hii mapenzi niachane nayo juu mi hakuna kitu inanisaidia after all, juu kama napendwa na nyi mnakuja kuoppose wacha nikae vile huwa nakuwa,” Manzi wa Kibera said in a TikTok video when she announced her break up.

Manzi wa Kibera has however edited some comments about her wedding and turned off the comment feature on one of the posts.

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