black cinderella

Maureen Imbayi, popularly known as Black Cinderella,  has allegedly been spotted alive  in Uganda.

According to a report by BNN, the former socialite was spotted in Uganda, allegedly in an altercation with a Nigerian man.

“Black Cinderella is alive. Ako Uganda with her daughter,” another source told a local gossip site.

In a statement believed to be from her family  that was shared on her Instagram account, it was stated that she has passed on on April 22.

“Dear Friends, supporters, and well-wishers, We want to sincerely thank you for having stood firmly with The Black Cinderella during this challenging time and it is with deepest regrets we wish to inform the public of her demise that occurred in the late hours of Monday 22 April 2024,” read the statement, further stating that she was rushed to the hospital but later passed on .

“Our beloved daughter was rushed unconscious to the hospital and every effort was made to resuscitate her by a medical team but unfortunately was unsuccessful.”

Following her misunderstandings with Oga Obinna, whom she accuses of raping her back in 2015, a section of netizens attacked the comedian, blaming him for being responsible of her ‘death.’

Days prior to the statement on her death, Black Cinderella shared suspicious messages on her social media pages.

“This is my last message online! To any generation that will hear this REMEMBER TO BE KIND TO OTHERS! I tried to make the world a better place but Nobody saw the good of my intentions! My little child and I are going somewhere else to look for Peace.

“To anyone going through anything just know that in the end, you will lose the battle. There is no need to stay… Just go home for only Jesus loves you. And to the rest, MY LAST MESSAGE ON THIS EARTH IS REMEMBER TO ALWAYS BE,” she wrote.

Many also doubted the credibility of the incident taking them back when black Cinderella faked the death of her daughter.

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