Africa’s fastest man Ferdinand Omanyala has admitted that his DMs are full of women.

Omanyala has however come up with several ways to address the situation which is likely to bring him trouble with his wife.

According to him, he doesn’t entertain women in his DMs and most of the time he archives their messages.

“I don’t text nikiona msee nikiona intention ya dame si straight so me nitakulenga six months, of course, utaona huyu jamaa hajareply 6 months. Most of the time husukuma archive chats unless …IG yangu lazima nikuwe nimekufollow ndio unitext so ukinetext unapata inaingia kwa requests so requests zinakuanga mob,” the father of one said in an interview with Trudy Kitui.

He added that he has social media managers who also go through the messages and only handle the important ones. According to him, most women are after him because of his societal status but he knows his stand.

“Social media managers ndio hu go through messages. So akiona important message ndio anaichapia coz ka sahizi tuko so busy hatuna hio time ya kuingia online kucheck. But nikujua tuu where you stand. Nikisema nitahave affair na dame saa hii ni dame over 300 coz madame ni wengi. Madame ni wengi and everybody wants to associate with you coz of what you are doing. But nikuweka tuu stand yako,” he said.

Omanyala is married to his fellow athlete Laventer. The two met in 2016 during an athletics event and they started dating 7 months later. He praised her, saying that she believed in his dreams.

“She came through big time, unacheki time nilikuwa chuo, she finished campo before me nilikuwa na shughuli mob . She was working pale Mama Lucy. They were living in Huruma She would take her salary and give him. Anasema Ferdi chukuwa hii utaenda nayo tizi, na shopping. Unaenda event wanalipa 5k. Of course, I was bringing something but it wasn’t much. coz that time I was a national athlete and unaenda unalipwa sh5k. 5k as much as unaleta something, she was bringing more of it, of which ilikuwa fiti coz she trusts, she believed in me, she believed in the dreams I had and we helped each other ku carry hio dream until place tumefika,” the athlete said.



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