EMB Records owner Kevin Kioko aka Bahati has revealed that he will be officially marrying his wife Diana Marua on December 12, 2023.

Bahati made the revelation moments after the couple shared a video whereby be he proposed to the mother of his children.

“She said yes and I  officially announce that 12th December 2023 is our wedding day,” Bahati said.

An emotional Diana could not hide her excitement about the important day and was grateful  to God for standing with them.

“Thank you God you knew about this day before I was even born. You’ve loved us, wiped our tears. You’ve taught us how to love unconditionally. You have taught me how respect is important to my husband and most importantly what it means to be a submissive husband. Thank you for gifting me your favoured child @BahatiKenya .Thank God for this day 12/12/2023 I will be married to my best friend. History will be made glory to you alone,” she said.

Previously, Diana revealed that they were not legally married as they wanted their children to also witness and understand when they have a white wedding.

“We are not legally married but we are set to start our wedding plans very soon. I just wanted my son to grow up to know and understand that my parents are actually walking down the aisle. Not this year but soon,” she said.

Bahati on the other hand said that he was planning a big wedding and that is why he was delaying their white wedding.

“You know I’m a person who likes to do things by adding flavor, when I organize an event I like to organize a big event,” Bahati said.

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