Content Creator Felicity Shiru has come out to address the cheating scandal that her boyfriend Thee Pluto was recently involved in.

Speaking to a local Vlogger, Felicity said that it is Thee Pluto who informed her about the scandal that was making headlines.

The mother of one however said that the information didn’t shock her because she trusts Thee Pluto. As a couple, they concluded that the story was meant to defame Thee Pluto.

“The blogger had posted on the stories, Pluto ndio alinionyesha ako like sa huyu dem nini nini…mimi hata akili zangu hazikuwa huko. I was like what are those. When you trust your partner, kuna vitu tu unaona they don’t even make sense. Of course he tried and explained everything to me. Lazima tu aexplain because we are a thing and all. From there tukaunderstand it is someone who is trying to tarnish his name,” Felicity said.

She added that she had previously received information about Thee Pluto cheating but they have never given her sleepless nights.

“It is not even the first time mtu amekuja kwa DMs zangu. Ofcourse kuna wale wenye wanakutakia mema na kuna wale wanangoja mbreak and all. A few times wasee wamenitext vitu kama hizo, just weird stuff zenye hata hazimake sense,” Felicity revealed, adding that people have been trying to bring down her fiance by even accusing him of being a scammer.

“Ever since, there were stories of him being a scammer, there are people who have been trying to bring him down in all ways, saying he is a scammer, he is cheating, there were so many stories,” she further said.

She noted that it would be impossible for Thee Pluto to cheat on her because  she always knows his whereabouts.

“Plus also looking at logic, the way Thee Pluto explained everything to me ilimake sense because I know his whereabouts so that story didn’t make any sense,” Felicity said.

Towards the end of last month blogger Njambi Fever shared details of Thee Pluto’s cheating incident that allegedly occurred in Mtwapa just weeks after Felicity delivered.

Njambi’s source said that she engaged with Thee Pluto in a one night stand and was paid Kshs10,000 to remain silent.


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