ali kiba

Ali Kiba’s Kenyan wife Amina Khalef has revealed that the Tanzanian singer is yet to sign their divorce papers.

The frustrated mother of two took to Insta stories to air her grievances saying that she is tired of being disrespected in public yet people do not understand the real situation at hand.

“Nimeona haja ya kuaddress, I think hii inaenda kuwa too much. I am tired of being disrespected publicly huku watu wakiwa hawaelewi situation iliyopo katika kivuli cha mke wa mtu,” Amina wrote.

She said that she had left Ali Kiba so that she can have her own peace of mind but he is not willing to grant her the divorce.

According to her, by Ali Kiba refusing to sign the papers, he is still tying her down and she can’t live her life freely while he is free to do whatever he wants.

She went ahead to plead Ali Kiba to sign the divorce papers so that they can both be free.

“Nimeondoka kwenye maisha ako kuepuka maumivu, abuse na mengi lakini mpaka leo hutaki kunipaitia divorce huku wewe ukiwa huru kufanya mambo yako na mimi ukinifunga katika kivuli cha mke wa mtu,(in the name of kulinda brand as you said) kindly sign the papers nipate divorce yangu kila mmoja aendelee kwa uhuru, asante,” Amina said.

Her statement comes just days after Ali Kiba confirmed that he is still married. Ali Kiba revealed that he is still married to Amina during a press briefing ahead of of his Kenyan tour, aimed at celebrating 20 years in the music industry.

“Guys, are you serious? Okay, no comment. No comment on that. Kujeni tu, chochote kitakachotokea ndio hicho hicho tu. Guys, I’m married, mnajua lakini chochote kinaweza kikatokea, mambo mazuri and I’m ready,” the Mahaba hitmaker said after being questioned about what he loves about Kenya apart from the beautiful women.

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