Renowned comedian Eric Omondi claims that Salasya is in bed with the government and that he has been bought and paid by the government.

This comes after he was arrested on Tuesday  after leading a protest outside Parliament buildings against the Financial Act 2024.

Speaking after his release, Eric claimed that Salasya is enjoying the luxuries of life being provided by the government.

“Salasya ndio msaliti number one,Salasya has been to every event by the government,he’s been paid,Salasya becomes the first Judas,he’s the first traitor “Eric Omondi said


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The comedian has been passionate about activism since the William Ruto government took over in 2022.

In April 2023, Eric staged another protest against the high cost of living in Nairobi Central Business District(CBD).

The father of two led the recent demonstration to voice his opposition to the proposed bill, which he claims will further burden Kenyans.

The attention drawn by the demonstration and the number of turnout of the protestants showed dissatisfaction with the government’s financial policies.

In a social media post, Omondi declared, “We WILL NOT ALLOW this government to SUFFOCATE Kenyans with FINANCIAL ACT 2024!!! Kenyans are suffering and Dying in Hospitals without medicine while their TAX is used to Buy cars, Houses, and EXPENSIVE Travels abroad. #SayNOtoFinanceAct2024.”

Member of parliament, for Mumias East constituency, Peter Salasya, responded to Omondi’s allegations, questioning his understanding of the legislative process.

“Aty anaita WABUNGE WASALITI, huyu Eric alisomea wapi?” Salasya said, “saa hii ndio tumemaliza process ya budget ndio tuende Kwa public finance ambayo hyo bado haijafika Kwa bunge. Hatujapiga kura bado in fact it is still under public participation.”

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