Kenya Online Media founder Director Trevor has spilled more beans surrounding his viral photo where he was captured with a bandage on the forehead.

In an upcoming interview with Iko Nini podcast, the videographer said that his injury was as a result of being hit by Mungai Eve over a petty matter.

He also denied claims of ever laying his hands on the vibrant digital creator, who has since moved on and opened new social media accounts.

“Eve alikuwa amenigonga na mwiko so nilikuwa na bandage. It was just a petty thing. Not an important issue. After all I don’t want it to seem like I am painting her negatively. It already passed. It was something very small I was just using her charger and she was ‘ why are you using my charger’. She also took my phone and threw it away, it was just petty,” Trevor narrated.

Two weeks ago, Trevor confirmed ongoing rumours that he was no longer in a relationship with Eve, while announcing a rebrand of their joint social media accounts.

While responding to one of his fans, Trevor said that Eve’s services were no longer needed. He also revealed that they parted ways romantically  in February 2023.

Addressing their break up, Eve however denied the claims on their breakup timeline.

“I don’t know[why he said we broke up in 2023]. I believe he is in the best position to explain it since he is the one who said it. He has his reasons,” the YouTuber told Andrew Kibe.

Eve however took positively her fresh start, promising great content for her audience, with the aim of inspiring and making a difference in them. Her new YouTube channels is currently at 99.3 subscriptions, a week after it was launched

“Most of you guys have been waiting for this particular moment. I have been seeing you guys  in my DMS, emails, all over trying to reach out to me and I don’t take it for granted. I would like to thank God for this and Mungai Eve team who have supported me since I started this content creation journey. At any point in life you should not be afraid of starting over again. I believe in this journey we are going to walk together,” Eve said.

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