Eric Omondi has broken silence on the much publicized split of Eve Mungai and Director Trevor.

The comedian has been close friends with the two, and even supported them to thrive in the online media industry. He has also been aware of their tensed situation in the past three months but they have been in talks with both of them as they reached out to him.

“In the issue of Eve and Trevor, I think I have the moral authority to comment. Eve na Trevor nataka mimi kama Eric Omondi, coz nawajua, ni mabeshte wangu, nimewagrowisha nimegrow nao pamoja, I want to talk to Trevor I want to talk to Eve,” he said in an interview with Vlogger Trudy Kitui.

Eric said that he will meet them together by force over a meal once Eve returns from Zanzibar,  so that they can talk and can find a way to work together, even if they are not involved romantically, because of the effort they both put in their work.

“Watu wanasema ati watu wamekaa kwa duvet…Hapana wakuje na hio duvet tutajifunika sisi watatu,” Eric said.

“Siwalazimishi warudiane. Wakirudiana the better. They can work together si lazima wachukiane. In terms of the brand and the business. America they do it all the time. [The name] irudishwe from Kenya Online Media to Mungai Eve Media,” he added.

Eric further said that the two can find a truce just like Raila Odinga and the late Mwai Kibaki did after the 2007/2008 Post Election Violence.

“Atleast wakuje kwa meza waseme tugawane 50-50. That is my personal opinion ju mi nawajua,” he said.

The father of two further blamed friends of Eve and Trevor for leading to their separation.

“Issue kubwa ni watu kuingilia maisha ya watu wengine, wakenya, mabeshte, I feel ndio wamefanya hii kitu imehappen,” Eric said.


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