In response to recent defamatory statements made against him by Mediamax, Nigerian artist Davido has taken legal action by issuing a demand letter through his legal representatives at Conrad Law Advocates. The letter outlines a series of requests aimed at remedying the damage caused by the disparaging remarks.

The primary demand put forth by Davido is the immediate removal of all defamatory content from Mediamax’s pages and platforms. This includes any statements or articles that have been published containing false or harmful information about the artist.

Additionally, Davido insists that Mediamax cease and desist from making any further defamatory statements, whether directly from the media house or from third parties. This measure is intended to prevent the spread of misinformation that could continue to harm Davido’s reputation.

Furthermore, the demand letter calls for Mediamax to issue an unconditional apology to Davido for the harm caused by the defamatory remarks. The apology is expected to acknowledge the wrongdoing and express regret for the damage inflicted on the artist’s reputation.

In addition to the retraction and apology, Davido seeks acknowledgment of liability for defamation from Mediamax. By admitting fault, the media house would take responsibility for the false statements made against Davido.

Finally, Davido’s legal team requests compensation for the attorney fees incurred as a result of pursuing legal action against Mediamax. This serves as a measure to hold the media house accountable for the costs associated with resolving the defamation issue.

Furthermore, the demand letter issued by Davido’s legal representatives includes a stern warning to Mediamax regarding the consequences of non-compliance. The statement emphasizes that if Mediamax fails to meet the demands outlined within 48 hours from the date of the letter, Davido reserves the right to pursue all available legal avenues for recourse.

“Take notice if you fail to comply with our demands within 48 hours from the date here of, we shall have no choice but to recommend that our client pursue all legal causes of action available to him” the letter read.


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