Mugithi singer Carol Katrue is appealing  for Kshs1 million help to offset the hospital for her husband and colleague Miracle baby

Miracle baby has been hospitalised for some time now due to stomach complication. Katrue said that the family only managed to raise Kshs200,000.

“The hospital wants us to raise even half of the money before we continue(with treatment) because we don’t  know when he will be discharged. The bill currently stands at Kshs1, 020,000,” the mother of one said in a video that was shared on YouTube on Wednesday night.

She also admitted that they don’t have NHIF or any other health cover insurance.

Katrue went ahead to narrate Miracle baby’s stomach troubles that began in 2018.

“2018, his stomach had an issue and we only came to discover what it was now. In 2018, he had intestines obstruction of which it they are usually opened and cleaned and then put back. When he underwent CT scan, they mistook the obstruction for growth. He underwent surgery, they didn’t find the growth but they removed his appendix and they didn’t say.

“In 2023, when the stomach issue relapsed, we took him to hospital and did an ultra sound. The appendix was not visible. CT Scan confirmed the same. That is when we discovered the hospital he visited 2018 removed his appendix and they didn’t tell us and they didn’t correctly place his stomach organs. The intestines got blocked every now and then, we would take him to hospital for medication.,” she opened up

Katrue says that the medication would work. However when he was taken to hospital recently the medication didn’t work and scans showed that his intestines were still blocked.

“On Wednesday, it was noticed that his stomach was swollen, he was neither eating nor relieving himself. He was rushed to an urgent surgery. It was discovered that his intestines had burst and poured faeces all over the stomach. His other intestines were burnt as well. He was cleaned but his wound was removing pus. His infection was very high. He has been on oxygen, his pulse rate has been very high,” she said.

She added that doctors have installed a machine on him to suck out the infection.

By the time of publishing this article, popular Mugithi singer Karangu Wa Muraya had mobilized Kenyans including artistes and politicians to raise the Ksh1 million, through his Facebook page.


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