Businessman and car dealer Joseph Kairo popularly known as Khalif Kairo has clapped back at haters who want him to riggle in pain after parting ways with his ex-lover.

This comes just days after influencer Cera Imani admitted split from her then boyfriend Khalif Kairo .

The business man has shown massive calmness unlike in various celebrity break up cases where couples show bitterness online by insulting and drugging each other’s name through the mad.

Although the split up was predicted due to the undermining factors of Cera Imani’s past the two never shied away from parading their love on social media showcasing how fully they had accepted each other’s past.

“There is no perfect person .I mean ,I have been in many relationship and perfectionism is an illusion. my  advice is to find  the person who compliments your values ,understands your vision /weakness and will support you .What works for kairo might not work for you.” He stated in one interview.

Taking it to his x account he twitted;

“The fact that people expect me to be “heartbroken “after my recent relationship is funny .Bana kwani how soft are men out here?,”Khalif said.

When asked on a recent interview on what her take was on Khalif Kairo Cera respnded;

“He’s a smart businessman. I was surprised when he announced our break up on X but I accepted it and moved on .I hold no grudges and am focused on improving myself further,” Cera said.

Netizens have however doubted claims that the couple has split for good many insinuating that the couple is just being lying with the intention of observing people’s reaction to them splitting.

Many believe the couple is playing mind games with haters on social media and might come back later with a wedding announcement just to prove people wrong .

Others also insinuate that the couple is trying too hard to stay relevant and promote their brands.

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